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Testa Evoluta coppia colore argento (Evolved Head couple silver color)

Testa Evoluta coppia colore argento (Evolved Head couple silver color)

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Inspired by the ancient legend of the Moor Heads of Palermo.

IBRIDI is a contamination project in which natural and artificial, ancient and contemporary materials are combined to create a single object. The intent is to represent nature transformed by the human act that wants it more and more artificial. A point of reflection on transhumanism. An increasingly evident tendency towards hybridization, expressed both through one’s own body and through the objects around us. In this collection are presented a series of home accessories consisting of a part of precious majolica ceramic coming from the famous and old Sicilian tradition of Santo Stefano di Camastra and a part of silicone. These two materials together blend in a play of light, shadow and shapes.

Materials: fine art ceramic and silicone

Size (cm): 18x15, height 35 (each)

Designer Cetti Davì

The object may differ slightly from the picture as each piece is handmade.

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